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The Ties That Bind: Mapping the Intergenerational Mental Health Consequences of the Windrush Scandal

The Windrush Compensation Scheme does not think about mental health and we want to change that. Actions of the Home Office has contributed to existing mental health struggles in Black communities. Until we have the evidence detailing what this crisis is, there is no way to hold them to account. Please join us in our work to make Black mental health matter to this government.

This project uses two methods. First we will use a survey which is for anyone who feels that they have been affected by the scandal. The second, is a photovoice study where we will try to work with families and communities affected by the Windrush Scandal to explore their experiences and visions for the future. Our work will map perspectives and realities of the effects of the Windrush Scandal within families and wider Black communities. 


This project is one of the first of its kind to explore the intergenerational mental health consequences of the Windrush scandal on Caribbean and Black African families. Victims of the Windrush Scandal endured forced detention, a loss of employment, housing and livelihoods and were forcibly separated from families. They often continue to have negative experiences as a result of hostile immigration policies. 

This work is just the start. The results of the photovoice project will be shared via a public and online exhibition in collaboration with The UCL Health of the Public Creative Health Community. We will hold a policy roundtable event  to engage survivors, academics and policy makers to encourage action to address mental health needs of our communities. 

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